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    MM3 Travelscopes

    The MM3 are an evolution of the travelscope concept pioneered by Opticron in the early 1990's with the original Mighty Midget. Combining all the things that have made Opticron travelscopes the #1 choice for so many wildlife watchers over the years, the MM3 are designed and engineered to deliver bright, sharp images with good color contrast and a "large scope" viewing experience.

    Constructed from polycarbonate and lightweight alloys, the super-compact optical system creates bodies just 205mm (50mm) / 252mm (60mm) long and weigh about the same as pair of 42mm binoculars. They can be hand held for crystal clear flat field observation at magnifications below 20x but unlike binoculars, continue to deliver stunning clarity and definition up to 36x (50mm) and 45x (60mm).


    Code Body TypeLens Dia. (mm)Close Focus (f)WaterproofDimensions LxWxD (inches)Weight (oz) MSRP
    4125145 deg angled508.2Yes8.1x3.9x2.520.7$219.00
    4125345 deg angled6011.5Yes9.7x3.9x2.925.6$289.00
    4127545 deg angled508.2Yes10x6.1x2.526$365.00
    4127645 deg angled508.2Yes10.4x6.1x2.528.6$399.00
    4136145 deg angled6011.5Yes12x6.1x2.933.5$470.00
    4136345 deg angled6011.5Yes12x6.1x2.932.9$585.00