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Whether its new product announcements, details about an upcoming field event or just some news about our products being used in the field, this section gives you the all the latest information about Opticron, its products and its customers.


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  • My Binos and Me

    Date Added 5/26/2023

    Lisa Wells gives her perspective on spending time in nature after a Lyme disease diagnosis. Nature and me always got along just fine until that long standing mutual agreement expired and bit me in the backside, or more specifically on the...

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  • Looking for Lapwings with Alice Marlow

    Date Added 5/18/2023

    Join Opticron Ambassador Alice Marlow in her search for Lapwings - are they Britain's most underrated bird? Northern Lapwing are a bird dressed to impress. The males fashion a tux-like black and white breast which sweeps up across...

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  • Patch Birding at Borrans Park

    Date Added 4/20/2023

    Spend a (virtual) morning birding with Opticron Ambassador Harry Coghill at Borrans Park. Borrans Park is situated in the Lake District National Park at the head of Lake Windermere, near the town of Ambleside. In the past, it has held a Roman...

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  • Old Ladies and Turnips – An Insight into UK Moths

    Date Added 3/10/2023

    In the March issue of our See Nature newsletter, Ambassador Meg Stone sheds some light on moth trapping and some of the beautiful moth species that can be found in the UK and West Yorkshire in particular. For more information on what wildlife...

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  • Bird Ringing with Izzy Fry

    Date Added 2/24/2023

    In the February issue of our See Nature newsletter, Ambassador Izzy Fry introduced us to one of her favourite conservation activities - bird ringing. Read on to find out more about what bird ringing involves and how it helps wildlife. Hi...

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  • Orca Watch 2022

    Date Added 5/26/2022

    This Saturday 28th May is the start of Orca Watch 2022. Over the following ten days Sea Watch Foundation will aim to collect as much data as possible on the whales, dolphins and porpoises in the coastal waters around North Sunderland and...

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  • World Wildlife Day 2022: Ecosystem Restoration in the UK

    Date Added 3/3/2022

    It’s World Wildlife Day, a day for celebrating the Earth’s biodiversity of life. This year, the theme is “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”. Earth is in the midst of a biodiversity crisis, the sixth mass...

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  • Now Available - Imagic IS 10x30 Image Stabilised Monocular

    Date Added 10/13/2021

    The latest addition to our image stabilised product range is the Imagic IS 10x30 monocular. The Imagic IS 10x30 image stabilised monocular offers the unique opportunity to new and existing Opticron owners to enjoy close up views of flora,...

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  • Imagic IS Binoculars - Coming Soon

    Date Added 8/13/2019

    Some people find it hard to keep binoculars with 10x magnification, or more, steady without a tripod or support. By electronically and mechanically cancelling out “shake” caused by the natural rhythm of your body, Imagic IS...

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  • New MM4 77 Fieldscopes - Coming Soon

    Date Added 3/1/2019

    MM4 77 Fieldscopes are the latest evolution of the MM concept pioneered and developed by Opticron over the past 25 years to meet the ever growing demand for lightweight, space saving high performance field equipment.  

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